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With a variety of types of course, place, environment and season we are sure to have something for everyone.  From families through to individuals, a general beginner's foray, to forage and feasting to custom made days tailored to you.
Here is just an few examples of what is possible:


Spring in the Woods

With Wild Garlic scenting the air, bluebells and wood anenomes all around us we will forage through ancient woodland, gathering as we go, before picnicking on examples of what we have found.


A Mid-Summer Coast Forage and Feast

Starting from a natural inlet we will walk the edge of the tide on the mud-flats gathering treasures from the silt, before heading off to sea to find more tasty treasures and a beach barbecue to cook up our finds.


Autumn  Harvest

With nuts, hawthorn, berries and fruits Autumn is the perfect time to forage and find a bounty in the woods, and the hedgerows. From delicious delicacies to ink making, liqueur fruits, to strewing herbs, Autumn is the time to gather.


Storytelling and tasting in the Woods

Possible in most seasons, particularly suitable for children and for those of us who have never grown up, these courses weave stories with the things we find, making for an unforgettable forage.


All our courses can be adapted to suit the age and interests of the group and we can supply an array of food to suit most preferences and tastes, though be prepared to try something new. Courses can last from anything from an hour (particularly suitable for younger children) to day long courses showing some of the cooking and applications of our foraged goodies.  Please contact us for further information or any questions.


Forgotten Paths

Foraging Courses